I won camp nano: one last update + things to come

As you all can probably tell from the title, I WON CAMP NANOWRIMO!!!!! *screams*

We are the champions, my friends…

I won’t be doing a day-by-day update because 1), I don’t feel like it, and 2), I don’t feel like it. So I’ll just give you my lovely stats…

I managed to stay on track and meet my goal almost every day, finishing with a total of 16,057. 57 words more than my goal, yay! ; )

Sadly, I’m… not… done. Because of my extreme ramblingness (yes, I just made that word up), I didn’t exactly finish.

But I’m close! I’m so, so close to being done with my (positively dreadful) first draft. Just a few more scenes and I’ll be…

Editing. That’s what I’ll be doing.

1) Most of the things in this draft don’t even make sense, 2) I didn’t do my research and therefore will have to do it during editing, 3) I was writing from one first person POV, but probably need at least one other POV in there, and 4) my main character doesn’t have a name yet.

Editing is going to be so. much. fun.


I really don’t dislike editing as much as it may seem. I actually rather enjoy chopping my precious baby into pieces.

And now for the promised


I have lots of grand and glorious things planned for August. I might even have some snippets/short story things for you! Keep your eyes open on Saturday for something special.  (:

Also, I’ve been working like crazy on my new blog design! I finally found a theme I liked, and I’m working on designing headers/buttons/favicons/etc. It’s currently in live preview only, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up!

This month, I’m planning on tying up the loose ends of my Snow White retelling and then shoving it (viciously) in a drawer and forgetting about it. I’ll probably work on editing in September (grrr HOW CAN IT BE AUGUST ALREADY!) and take the month of August off to work on some other things, including my dearly beloved Project Supernova! Eeeep I’m so excited to get back to that one.

So. Yeah. That’s my updatey sort of thing.

So, how was your July? Did you do Camp Nano? If so, how did it go for you? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. *chears* Way to go, Zane! I’ll gladly help you edit. 🙂 It would be awesome!

    Can’t wait to see your new blog design up and running. 🙂

    *is now waiting for Saturday ‘cuz I wanna read those snippets* 😉

  2. That’s great! I’m not familiar with Camp Nanowrimo sooooo… what does it mean to win? Is it the sort of thing where lots of people win or just one?
    P.S. Can’t wait till Saturday!

    1. I probably should have clarified that. Mom was confused too. *blushes* You win when you meet your word-count goal. I had a word-count goal of 16,000 words and I met it, so I won! Everyone who meets his word count wins, not just one person. 🙂

  3. GREAT JOB!! That’s so interesting that your MC doesn’t have a name the whole draft haha. The names always change for me too though, so I understand the pain of finding the *perfect* name. 🙂

    1. I’ve just been calling her Snow, since it is a Snow White retelling, but THAT’S NOT HER NAME. I can just tell. 😛 And I’m a name nerd + super picky, so that doesn’t help either. 😀

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