If you haven’t been getting emails…

If you haven’t been getting email notifications of my posts, there’s a reason for that.


The simple answer is: technical difficulties.


The long answer is:


I stopped getting email notifications for my blog posts about a month ago, and a few times, randomly, before that. I thought maybe it was just because I was the administrator, or because WordPress was acting up. (I haven’t been getting notifications of my comments either. Still haven’t figured that out.)


It wasn’t.

I’m taking a break

So, as you can probably tell by the title, I’m going on hiatus.

Hiatus (hahy-ey-tuh s): 1.

a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.
Before you panic!
This is not permanent. I love blogging and have enough inspiration for three months of posts. I would actually like to blog MORE. But I don’t have time.
It’s really hard for me to do this, because I enjoy blogging so much, but with school and everything it’s hard to make time for a blog post every week AND continue writing. (Not to mention I’m deep-cleaning my room, which is incredibly time-consuming. #yay)
The real reason I’m taking a temporary break is to edit my Snow White retelling for the Rooglewood Press contest. I’d like to devote the rest of September and maybe even some of October to fixing my baby.
This doesn’t mean I’m not going to post at all, it just means I probably won’t post as regularly until October! Actually you’ll probably get a post next week, because there’s one almost written that I was going to do today but got tired of. *cackles*
I’ll probably still be somewhat active on Goodreads, and I’ll definitely respond to all comments. (:
Thank you all for supporting me, reading my blog, and bearing with me as I take a short break! 
 P.S. I’m shamefully behind on commenting on all your lovely blogs – I’ll try to get caught up soon. (:

L e a k | flash fiction

Ho, wayfarers! It’s September. I can’t even believe that it’s not June anymore and it’s September already… Everything is going so quickly.

So, if you couldn’t tell by the title…


I’m finally going to do it.


I’m posting my writing online.




Yeah… I don’t really do the whole sharing-my-writing-with-other-people thing? I’ve gotten better about it, but this is a serious stretch for me to even be willing to post this.


You’re welcome. ; )


So, the story behind this is: I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump all month. BUT, when we were watching a cartoon movie one night, there was this monster getting killed (bear with me, the next line might not be for the faint of heart), and there was a blood-like substance going everywhere. (It was greeny-blue, not red.) And this one line popped into my head.

You’re leaking.

OKAY gross part over. Sorry. I get inspired by weird things, okay?

Update: somehow I forgot to mention that my two dear friends, Emma and Olivia, read this for me before publishing to catch any glaring flaws. Thanks, y’all! <33

So, here’s the story! It’s flash fiction, which means a short story under 1,000 words. I also posted it on Wattpad, if you’re into that kind of thing. 🙂

(I’d really love to know what you think of this, so please leave a comment below! I’ll just go… and hide underneath my covers while you do that, mmkay?)

(and here are the mood boards/collages I made, a.k.a all the images that wouldn’t fit into the cover.)

Now presenting… Leak.




“You’re leaking,” said a voice floating somewhere above me.
I groaned and my eyes flickered open, slowly bringing the world into focus. The face of a girl was about two inches away from mine, peering inquisitively at me.
“Did you hear me?” she said, louder this time. “You’re leaking!”
“I heard you.” I tried to keep the agony out of my voice. My head felt like it was exploding and the rest of me felt a million times worse.
I felt my side, and my hand came away sticky with blood. Ugh. I had gotten myself into a mess, hadn’t I?
“What model are you?” she said, her voice cheerful. “Because you look younger than me but I think we might be able to use the same parts, and I have spares.”
Oh, brother. All I wanted was somewhere to hide out for a while until I could walk without passing out, and the shack looked so abandoned… But now it seemed like I had wandered into the home of a lunatic. Way to go, Ephraim.
The black spots were finally clearing from my eyes now. “What on earth are you talking about?” I rubbed my head. “You know what? I’m probably delusional. This whole thing is just a dream.”
The girl was squinting at me. “Wait – what are you?”
“Mighty good question. Sometimes I’m not sure myself.” I tried to pull myself into a sitting position. “Look, I’m sorry about crashing here… I couldn’t make it any farther.”
She ignored me and instead knelt beside me, prodding at my stomach. Her hands were cold as ice.
“Hey – hey, lay off!”
“You’re squishy,” said the girl, looking at me with wonder.
“You’re not?” I said sarcastically.
“Oh.” Then again, louder. “Oh! That explains it. I’ve never seen anyone with red oil before, but I didn’t want to be rude, you know?”
“Um. What are you?”
“The question,” she said, circling me, “is what are you. Believe it or not, I have never seen a human before. You’re quite fascinating! I’ve read all about you but quite honestly I thought you all were extinct.”
“Um,” I said again. My head pounded. “You’re an old service droid, aren’t you?”
“Correct! B-2537 at your service. I know it’s a mouthful but my friends call me Bee…” Her voice trailed off and she smiled sort of unhappily. “At least, that’s what they would call me if I had friends.”
A twinge of pity rose in me that I suppressed. I had no time for pity. “Well, um, Bee… I think I’m probably about to pass out again, so… I’m really sorry for bleeding all over your rug and… can you call a medic please?”
“Oh. Oh.” Bee leaped up. “I am so, so sorry, I don’t have any experience with humans and I didn’t think…”
“Of course you didn’t,” I grumbled as the world began going black. “You’re… just a… droid.”
Night engulfed me and I fell into a dark, nightmare-filled sleep.

Hope you enjoyed.