• Photography

    Photos with the Minolta X-700

    Hey guys! I mentioned in this post that I was getting some pictures developed from an old film camera. They finally came back! A lot of them didn’t turn out well, mostly from user error since I’ve never used a film camera before. Some of them also have red spots on them because the film I used was probably 10+ years old. Anyway, here are some of my favorites. Aaaand, that’s all for today folks. They’re not that great, but hopefully I’ll get betterĀ  with practice. I just ordered some new film, so hopefully I can take some more photos soon. (:

  • Life,  Random

    On a summer evening in July.

    This is how it feels on a humid summer day, the fourth of July, when everyone’s waiting for the fireworks to go off and everything is chaos. We always sit on the outskirts of where everyone is, so some of the parents take the older kids through the square – there’s a big line of us trailing along, and I’m never quite sure if we have everybody or if somebody got lost in the crowd of people. Everything is exciting here. There’s a band playing live music, and I see myself on the big screens. You can hardly see the concrete for the people and their possessions – blankets and…