Firstly, here’s my blog button so you may put it on your own blog, if you so desire. Just save the image and embed a link. 🙂

And then here are some of my favorite blogs, although they aren’t all the ones I follow and I really need to update this page. Because I know you need more blogs to stalk. 😉


Real and Official Matters

Important Nothings

Gateway Forum

A Writer’s Faith

Rebekah’s Remarks

Fishing For Ideas

My Attic Corner

Totally Graced

Grace In Everything


A Little Southern Grace

Taking Dictation

Project Blank Page

Once Upon an Ordinary


The Left-Handed Typist

Stories by Firefly

Allison’s Well

Ruffles and Grace


Elisabeth Grace Foley

Ink Blots and Coffee Stains

You Write Fiction

Sarcastic Scribblings

Sunshine and Scribblings

Scattered Scribblings

Brainstorms With Rain

Lakeside Publications

The Introverted Extrovert

The Barefoot Gal


Silver Mess


And here are some amazing resources for writers, if you’re interested.

Helping Writers Become Authors

Writers Helping Writers

Go Teen Writers

Hannah Heath

Nadine Brandes

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