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    Best Friends Q+A + photos (also, blog anniversary!)

    Hello friends! Recently, Emma (one of my closest friends) and I were at Stone Mountain together. We both had cameras, and enlisted my brother to do a mini-photoshoot for us. We got a few photos together, so Emma was inspired by this post to do a Q+A post. In the past week we’ve pulled this together – hopefully it will be enjoyable! There will be a mix of selfies, photos from Stone Mountain, and photos from when we were little.     It also so happens that Monday was my blog anniversary, so this is as close as I’m getting to a blogiversary post. How have I been blogging for…

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    Liebster Award 2018 (2x!)

    I was tagged to do this twice, by Victoria the first time and Anna the second time (both lovely bloggers!) towards the beginning/middle of the year and I’m just now getting around to doing it. Shame on me. At least I’m doing it before the end of the year this time. šŸ˜› As usual I’m not following the rules, so I won’t even repost them. You can find them here if needed. The way I’m going to do this is pick six of the questions that each blogger asked me, because when I tried doing all of them the post was just too long. Anna’s questions 1.Describe yourself (as if…

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    Photos with the Minolta X-700

    Hey guys! I mentioned in this post that I was getting some pictures developed from an old film camera. They finally came back! A lot of them didn’t turn out well, mostly from user error since I’ve never used a film camera before. Some of them also have red spots on them because the film I used was probably 10+ years old. Anyway, here are some of my favorites. Aaaand, that’s all for today folks. They’re not that great, but hopefully I’ll get betterĀ  with practice. I just ordered some new film, so hopefully I can take some more photos soon. (:

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    On a summer evening in July.

    This is how it feels on a humid summer day, the fourth of July, when everyone’s waiting for the fireworks to go off and everything is chaos. We always sit on the outskirts of where everyone is, so some of the parents take the older kids through the square – there’s a big line of us trailing along, and I’m never quite sure if we have everybody or if somebody got lost in the crowd of people. Everything is exciting here. There’s a band playing live music, and I see myself on the big screens. You can hardly see the concrete for the people and their possessions – blankets and…

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    Some things I’m doing right now

    Hey, I’m baaaaack! I disappeared and took an accidental hiatus, but hopefully I’ll be able to post more soon.   So what am I posting about today? This is just a really random post about things I’ve been doing where you can admire my unedited phone photos*.   *Sarcasm   THINGS I’VE BEEN UP TO Bookbinding. I got a cool book from the library with a ton of ideas, and I’ve made a couple projects from it… some turning out considerably better than others. I made two more with the binding I usually do (one as a gift for a friend), a little mini one, a spineless book that turned…

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    Writing updates + the beach + polaroid pictures

    Hello, people. A few items of business to bring us up-to-date: we went to the beach! I’m still alive, I promise. I’m still a writer even if it doesn’t seem like it.   Okay let me be honest here. Writing has not been coming easily. in fact, I haven’t written anything fictional besides the (very very) occasional flash fiction. it’s been hard. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to write. I thought I had gotten over my burnout, but I guess I didn’t. I’m still struggling with it. I’ve been writing more, though. I’m writing a story in a notebook for the first time in a long time,…

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    *all images mine* So I’ve been searching and searching for a Beach Boys record, because I LOVE the Beach Boys, and I finally found one and have been listening to it dozens of times. It’s really scratched up but I don’t mind. It’s called “All Summer Long” and is making me crave summer. IT’S SO CLOSE (yet so far away :P). Also there’s this epic track on there with their recording mess-ups and goofing off – it’s just plain funny! I just listen to it and crack up… Maybe I’ll record it for y’all so you can hear it. BUT ANYYYWAY. The whole Beach Boys record thing has put me…

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    Journaling no. 2

    Oh hi! It’s your friendly neighborhood Zane who has been very busy but still manages to have her nose buried in a book 90% of the time*. Maybe this isn’t a proper post, but I thought perhaps some of you might like to see some pictures of my recent journaling adventures… not that I’ve had much time to devote to it, hehe.   *It’s getting late and when it’s late I start acting weird. Sorry dears. (But really I have been getting a ridiculous amount of reading done. Mostly because I’m Neglecting Other Things and usually regret it later. Oh well.)   So here we go. Photo dump. Enjoy!  …

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    Sixteen going on seventeen

    So I turned sixteen. What. It’s kind of weird, because sixteen was the age in books and movies where characters had boyfriends and cars and were Practically Grown Upā„¢. They seemed SO OLD to Zane-a-long-time-ago. I mean, that’s Liesl’s age. In The Sound of Music. (LEISL!!!) AND I’M SIXTEEN NOW. (As of last Wednesday.) Help. At least I can sing “I am sixteen going on seventeen!” EXTREMELY LOUDLY and really mean it! (Although I haven’t even been able to because I have either an awful cold or allergiesĀ  or something and can’t sing a note.) So, in honor of my sixteenth birthday, I’ll be telling you sixteen random facts about…

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    2018: QUARTERLY RECAP #1

    Last year when I started blogging, I hated doing monthly recaps, but I did them because everyone else did them*.Toward the middle of the year I decided, what’s the point? If I hated it, why do it? *um… NOT A GOOD REASON. So at the beginning of 2018, I decided I’d do quarterly recaps, one every three months. And I would do them ANY WAY I LIKED. So, if you’re not too terrified, hereā€™s my quarterly recap. LET US PROCEED.     BOOKS (JANUARY – MARCH)   The Blue Castle This is a truly beautiful book that I adored. I already reread it and forced it on my best friend…