I’m Doing Camp Nanowrimo

I wasn’t planning on doing Camp Nanowrimo. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically where you set a word count goal for yourself and try to meet it in one month. Mostly. Yup.)

But then I heard about the Five Poisoned Apples writing contest and since fairy tale retellings are like one of my favorite things ever, I came up with a brilliant* idea. So, I’ll be writing my first draft during Camp and hopefully editing the whole mess before December… O_o *cue nervous laughter*

*Brilliancy is in the eye of the beholder. The Association of Brilliant Authors (ABA) has not approved this statement.

So, Jonathan at Fishing for Ideas had this idea to do a Camp Nano Countdown linkup, where a Nano-related question is asked every week. The point of it is, in Jonathan’s words:

To make sure all of us are ready/prepared/not freaking out and to try and get us motivated to write aaalll the words during July.

It’s kinda too late for not freaking out, because I already am…  Anyway, there will be a question each week for the rest of June, and this is the first one.

What will you be writing?

*cackles nervously*

I’ll be working on a Snow White retelling for the Five Poisoned Apples contest. I have a pretty decent idea, and hopefully it’s actually as original as I think. I don’t have a blurb or synopsis yet, since I’m not quite ready to talk about it, but hopefully I will sometime… eventually… maybe… *hides*

Honestly, I have never really focused on word count that much, so I was kind of worried about what to set my word count at. I ended up doing 10,000, since the Five Poisoned Apples contest says in between 5,000 and 20,000.

For now, though, it’s pretty much top-secret. And by top secret I mean no one has even heard my idea. So… pretty secret.

Are you doing Camp Nanowrimo? What will you be writing?





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  • Lisa

    Yay, I’m cheering you on! Anyway, great you did this link-up – I did too! Also it’s fabulous you get to be in the same cabin with me!

  • Abbiee

    Props to you for doing camp NaNo!! I wish you the very best! A Snow White retelling sounds awesome. Last-minute ideas are sometimes the VERY BEST IDEAS EVER. (I speak from experience. Muahaha.)

    ROCK ON!!

  • Lana

    Awesome!! 😀 I’ve seen the Rooglewood contest, and I kind of want to join…but though I have plenty of ideas for other fairy tale retellings, Snow White is so hard to come up with one for me! That’s exciting that you have an idea! (Has it been nominated for Brilliancy by the ABA yet? 😛 )
    And yes, I’m doing Camp NaNo! Well, more or less. I’ve already started my project, but I’ll be continuing to work on it throughout July (and hopefully having a word count goal will help me to write even more than I normally would!). I’m writing a retelling of The Little Mermaid with a bunch of war and fighting and stuff like that, which is going to be quite fun! I’m excited.

  • Kate

    Ah! I missed this post earlier, but it’s so fun you are doing the Snow White contest! *is really curious about your idea now* 😀 I’m doing editing through Camp and so far…soooo slow. 😉 But it’s happening some!

    • Zane Jones

      Slow is a good word to describe my progress. ? But as long as we’re MAKING progress, I think we’re good!

      Aww thanks. There will PROBABLY be details about the retelling eventually… But not yet. Because, you know, I like torturing people. ?

      Good luck with editing!

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