Beautiful People #27 | August Edition

Hello, all you lovely people! Guess what time it is.

It’s time for Beautiful People again! *cheers* I am once more participating in the link-up hosted by Cait at Paperfury and Sky at Further Up and Further In. Hopefully it will help me break out of the writer’s block I’ve been having this month… writer’s block combined with “do-I-really-have-time-to-write-this-story-and-is-it-even-worth-my-time” block. YES, THAT IS A THING. (That I just made up. Shhh.)

I will be doing this with one of my favorite characters (shhh don’t tell my other children) Katie Aline. She’s one of the main characters in my current novel and you can read more about her here. Here’s a brief bio:

Katie Aline is fourteen years old and goes to the local high school that I haven’t named yet. She’s smallish for her age and has long, golden-brown hair, brown eyes, and a prosthetic leg. Even though she’s very extroverted and loves people, she’s somewhat shunned by her classmates because of her leg and her standoffishness. She has a secret that I can’t tell you and lives with her foster parents Jon and Chryse.

Let’s jump into the questions!

What are you addicted to/can’t live without?

Probably… my prosthetic leg? I can’t walk without it, so I’d say it’s kind of essential. Also, over the past year I’ve gotten used to being in a real family with people who love me. I don’t know if I could live without that now.

Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about yourself.

What kind of a question is that?

The kind you have to answer.

Okay… let me try this. I’m not very trusting, but I’ve been getting better with that. I get scared really easily, especially when I’m left alone. Also, darkness is terrifying. I’m very stubborn. I can’t think of anything good…

C’mon, Katie, nothing?

Sorry! I guess I’m pretty optimistic?

She’s also very empathetic and kind, not to mention loyal-to-a-fault.

Stop. Please?

Are you holding on to something you should get rid of?

Probably. Actually, yes, a lot more than I should. No, you aren’t getting details on that.

She’s kind of bitter about –

NOPE. Shhhhh.

Okay, okay.

If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do you fall on the scale?

Um… six.

What most frustrates you about the world you live in?

Oh boy, a LOT. Mainly-

Let’s leave it there.

Why? This is the best question yet.

I’m just… not ready for that information to be released yet, ‘kay? Going into spoiler territory there.

*scowling* Fine.

How would you dress for a night out? How would you dress for a night in?

For a night out, I’d wear a knee-length dress, probably in pale pink or navy-blue, with some kind of flats and flowers in my hair.

What? I like flowers.

I didn’t say anything. I like flowers too.

For a night in, I’d wear jeans and a t-shirt.

How many shoes do you own, and what kind?

WHO IS THINKING OF THESE QUESTIONS? And does anyone really care about how many shoes I have??

Calm down, Katiebird. Deep breaths.

I own lots. Sneakers, flats, boots, sandals… I really like shoes, ‘kay?

Do you have any pets? Which pet do you WISH you had?

No pets currently, but I’d like a dog. We’ve been thinking about getting one.

Is there something or someone that you resent? Why and what happened?


Nope, nope. Skipping this. Spoilers.



You’re no fun.

My secrets must be protected. Sorry, Katie dear. Don’t be too mad at me.

I’m not speaking to you.

What’s usually in your fridge or pantry?

Well, usually there’s ice cream. Jon is a big fan of ice cream. But mostly healthy things because Chryse really likes eating healthy…

Not like I’ve BEEN there recently to SEE it…



Uncooperative girl who won’t do as I say.

Not my fault. YOU wrote me.

Guess you have a point there…

So! What do you all think of my Katiebird? I hope you enjoyed all her answers. 🙂 She’d be happy to answer any questions you have for her in the comments below.

Also, guys. It’s almost the end of August and I didn’t get half of the things done that I wanted to get done. Someone stop time please.

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