If you haven’t been getting emails…

If you haven’t been getting email notifications of my posts, there’s a reason for that.


The simple answer is: technical difficulties.


The long answer is:


I stopped getting email notifications for my blog posts about a month ago, and a few times, randomly, before that. I thought maybe it was just because I was the administrator, or because WordPress was acting up. (I haven’t been getting notifications of my comments either. Still haven’t figured that out.)


It wasn’t. *insert my screaming face*


When I first set up my subscription form, apparently I had to pick which categories would send out post notifications. (Obviously, I wanted all of them, so I clicked on all of them.) As I kept blogging, I created new categories, and… I didn’t add them to my subscription form.


And I was wondering why my pageviews/comments had dropped!


I figured out that my emails hadn’t been sending when I was baking, and took out my righteous wrath on the cookie bar. And growled at anyone and everyone who tried to talk to me. My mom can testify to this. ; )


AND THEN I FIGURED OUT IT WASN’T ME, IT WAS THE SUBSCRIPTION FORM I WAS USING. *bangs head against wall* Apparently some people had been using it to spam, so it was blocked or something…




I got set up with Mailchimp, which seems infinitely better than the… thing… I was using. Hopefully it’s all fixed now. (We’ll see, as soon as I publish this post!)


I am really, really sorry about this! It probably looked like I stopped blogging for almost a month. :\


I tried to put together a list of the majority of the posts that I think didn’t send. (although I’m not really sure.) Hopefully this wasn’t an inconvenience to you, and please don’t feel like you have to read all of them. (:


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The Interrogation Tag


So, talk to me! Have you been getting emails? Did you get this email? (please, oh please, say yes!)


P.S. In case you didn’t catch it, I’m going on a short blogging break for the rest of September. Find the details here. (^.^)




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