10 things I’m thankful for

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It’s four minutes until six on Thanksgiving morning, and I’m in my warm, cozy bed pounding away on my keyboard. Everything is silent. I am the only one up.

And yes, I’m writing a stereotypical Thanksgiving post. If you don’t like it, well… that’s okay, you’re entitled to your opinions. ; )


Here are ten things I’m thankful for today.

1. food

Yeah, I think that one is self-explanatory…


2. a warm house

This is something that may be overlooked, and even though I complain about how freezing it is in the morning, I’m really thankful to have a roof over my head and plenty of blankets and heaters to keep us warm.

3. my country

Even though America is getting worse, I’m glad I live in a country with the amount of freedom that we have.


4. beauty around us

There is so much beauty in creation, if we only take the time to pay attention. Just by looking outside at this time of year, I see gorgeous colors of changing leaves, the sunset, flocks of birds… so many things. Which is one of the reasons I love leaving my blinds open, and stare out the window in the car so much. (: Everything is so beautiful.

5. health

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog before, but just about a year ago I broke my leg very badly. I went into emergency surgery and had a rod inserted.

I was afraid I was never going to walk again.

(Which was a fear that was not really realistic, but I was in shock.)

Today, I can walk, run, jump, and dance and do basically everything I could do before. (: I am so thankful for all the people who helped me during that time, specifically the firefighters and paramedics who got to me first, the doctors who fixed my leg, the people who worked on physical therapy, all the people who visited me afterwards, my family…

Also, on a slightly less drastic note, I’m so happy I can see. I recently got glasses and now everything is so clear. I didn’t know that trees had so much texture! The way I described it to some of my friends was like viewing a painting of, say, a table, and then looking at a high-definition photograph of the same thing. It’s amazing. I didn’t know things looked just like photographs.


6. family and friends

I am so grateful that I have amazing friends and an amazing family that I don’t deserve. And I’m grateful that both of my parents are so strongly Christian in a world that seems to be going downhill, and that I have had the privilege to grow up in a Christian family.

7. being homeschooled

I’m so thankful that my parents made the decision to homeschool me. It’s been the biggest blessing, with a lot of flexibility, and enables me to get my school done so that I can work on my passions. I may gripe about having to do school, but I really am thankful.


8. reading

I’ve been so blessed by books. They’ve given me knowledge, a better understanding of writing, and just flat-out happiness. Even as I grow older, there is still nothing like losing myself in a really good book.

9. writing

Being a writer allows me to view the world through a completely different lens. It’s given me a better understanding of the world, and of books, and of myself. Writing is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

10. YOU!

I’m always amazed at the support the blogging community gives (specifically the Christian/young/writing/reading/blogging community ;D). Thank you all so much for following along on my adventures, and hopefully I haven’t scared you off yet ; )

I’m so thankful for somewhere to put my writing and thoughts, and for you awesome people who comment and follow – it means the world to me.




I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to spend some time with family and friends. It’s now nearly an hour later. My family is stirring, birds are waking up, and I must sign off.




P.S. I know it’s been forever since my last post and that I basically dropped off the face of the earth… life has been crazy and I’ve been gone much longer than planned, but I should be back on track soon. Love you all, and thanks for sticking around. <33

P.P.S. Also the blog is a complete mess and I’m trying to work on rebranding and failing. So please don’t poke around XD THANK YOU!


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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