introducing SNOWSTRIKE // in which I finally talk about my novella!!

So hi, it’s me, and I’M TALKING ABOUT MY NOVELLA.


*shock all around*


I wrote a novella for the Rooglewood Press Snow White contest and I have been positively DYING* to tell you about it for months and months and yet I am only doing it now after the contest is over because #reasons. I have possibly never been so much in love with an idea and I have certainly never WANTED to tell it to somebody.


*YES WE ARE BEING DRAMATIC. I’m excited, okay??


See, if there’s a “secretive writer” stereotype, I BASICALLY AM THAT STEREOTYPE. I don’t tell anyone about anything until it’s all done and edited twice or fifteen times and usually not even then.


But this is something I wanted to share. I cracked and told my dad the idea, because I knew he’d appreciate it, but nobody else knew until late December.


This novella is the first major work I’ve completed, and the first I’ve had beta readers for! I had my family and closest friends step in a week before the deadline and proofread my story for me, which was amazing and terrifying in the best way. It was also my first Camp Nano project.


Great, now I’m both rambling AND getting sentimental. Let’s just introduce my novella, shall we? After all, that’s what we’re here for.


(Also I drew a ton of inspiration from Abbiee and Keira because they both did GORGEOUS posts on their novels. GO CHECK THEM OUT BECAUSE THEY ARE SO PRETTYYYY.)



A B O U T   T H E  S T O R Y

I started writing a proper synopsis, but it got a bit more spoiler-y than I was hoping and anyway I don’t have time to finish it now because I must finish this blog post tonight and I’ve already spent enough time agonizing over it.*
So you’re getting this instead.


*never mind me. I’ve been looking at this screen too long.



Imagine the Snow White story. If you’ve never heard of it or just can’t remember, read it here.


Now imagine Snow White meets cheesy superheros from the 1950s.


That’s my basic premise.


My story is about heroes. Sometimes it’s lighthearted, sometimes it’s not. It’s about a lonely girl with superpowers and a boy who befriends her. It’s soaked in the 1950s, one of my favorite eras. It’s about summer and family and Elvis records. My story is about finding home.


If I ever finish my synopsis, I’ll post it, because I don’t know how to explain this story.


I wanted to include other characters here, but spoilers. And one of them is extremely hard to find photos for. Also, the photos in this post are either stock photos or images I made myself, so. That was fun.*


*if your idea of fun is scrolling through unsplash for 3298103.3 hours. yeaaah… we’re not going to talk about how long it took me to make these images. why are there no good stock photos of guys, anyway??




main character  •  quiet + lonely  •  superhuman abilities  •  wants to help people  •  doesn’t know what home means  •  scared of her stepmother  •  just a teenage girl in a dangerous world  •  trying to be brave  •  in need of a hug  •  seventeen years old





boy on the train  •  likes books  •  works at the family hotel  •  compassionate  •  protective of people close to him  •  teasing in a friendly way  •  steady + level-headed  •  Ivy League  •  possibly one of my favorite characters shh what am I saying, of course I love all of you equally, darlings  •  nineteen



 B A R B A R A

Frank’s sister-in-law  •  mother hen to everyone  •  married to Douglas  •  has two sons  •  cheerful  •  tries to make everyone welcome  •  gives warm hugs that feel like home  •  eternal optimist





reckless daredevil  •  if there’s a speed limit he is going to break it  •  vaguely greaser  •  snazzy car  •  cocky + sarcastic  •  acts nonchalant but actually cares a lot  • pokes fun at his brothers  •   he makes me laugh


*cries quietly* I love these characters so much.



aaaand… that’s my cue to exit. *hides*


 “Neva? Neva, wake up. It’s your stop.”

She blinked sleep out of her eyes, and saw Frank in front of her, clutching her shoulders. “Oh, it was just a dream…”

“Some dream,” said Frank. He seemed disturbed. “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” Neva said, yawning. “Oh, that was an awful dream.”

“It sounded like it,” he muttered.

“Was I talking in my sleep?”

“It doesn’t matter. Here’s your bag… We’d better hurry.”




“That’s all right, I’ve got it.” (Barbara) glanced at Neva’s crestfallen face. “Oh, well, you could start putting the food on the table if you really want to.”

“Yes, ma’am.” She put a dish of scrambled eggs on the table, then some kind of casserole. When she glanced up at Frank, he was watching her with an amused expression. “What’s funny?”

“Nothing.” He spooned eggs onto his plate, still smiling.




 Blurred images crossed her vision. She blinked, trying to focus.

 “She’s waking up, Barb.”

Neva rubbed her eyes, and she began to see things again. Things were still unclear – where were her glasses?

It seemed she was in a tiny room, lying flat on her back in bed. “Where am I?”

A friendly face hovered over her. “Well, hello, hero. You gave us a bit of a scare. You’re here, with us. {spoilers removed} Remember?”


“Oh… yeah.” Neva tried to pull herself up, but flopped back as pain shot through her head. She clutched it. “Ow. What happened?”

“You really don’t remember?” Frank helped her sit up.

A memory flashed into her mind. {spoilers removed}

And her. Her powers. Frank knew. “Oh… that.” She looked at him nervously. “So… you know?”




 “We’re family, sweetheart.” Vern leaned uncomfortably close to her. “We’re just dropping in for a visit.”

“You’re dropping in to poke your nose into my business because you’re curious,” said Neva. “Which is okay, as long as you’re honest about it.”

“Okay, okay. So maybe we were a little curious.”

She crossed her arms. His easy-breezy manner was getting on her last nerve. “Frank said no demonstrations. I’m sorry.”

“I’m older than Frank,” said Vern.

“In fact, we all are. He’s the baby,” said Glenn.

Vern gave her a cocky grin. “So we have authority over him. I say it’s perfectly fine for you to show us, Neva.”



 Neva exhaled. “Frank! Don’t scare me like that.”

“Don’t sneak out in the middle of the night and I won’t scare you then,” he teased. “Really, Neva, what are you doing?”

“What are you doing?”

He grinned sheepishly. “I figured you’d probably try to leave. I’ve been staying out here each night ever since {spoilers removed}.”

“Oh,” Neva said. “Really?”

“Yup. So, where are you heading this time?”

“I shan’t tell you. You wouldn’t approve, I’m sure.”

“Spill the beans, ice girl.”

She shook her head at him, pretending to be hurt. “Be nice!”

“I am nice.”



 Neva took her bag in one hand and Frank’s arm in the other. “Ready?”

“Waiting on you.”

“I’m waiting on both of you lovebirds,” said Vern loudly.

She and Frank spoke at the same time. “Vern!”





 And then Frank was hugging her.

She heard Vern’s voice, talking to someone. “See, I told you. Just like Douglas and Barbara. She is his girl.”

But Neva didn’t care, and the chaos of the tiny room melted away.


*emerges from hiding* So. What do you think about my novella? What’s on your mind? Are you working on any projects (writing or otherwise) right now? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments!




I'm Zane Jones, a young creative trying to figure life out. I make messes and sometimes art.


  • Florid Sword

    Your pics are so cool! I’m always jealous of the people with cool storyboards. I’ve never made one. 😛

    And your story sounds fantastic! I would never have thought of that premise. Funny how this contest is promoting so many people’s creativity simply in coming up with a premise! I love it!!!!

    • Zane Jones

      Oh my goodness thank you! It’s so much fun, you should try it!!

      My premise is certainly unique – I just hope I wrote it well enough! (:

      The contest definitely is promoting creativity! I’ve heard of a lot of really interesting ideas, and I can’t wait to see the final results!

    • Zane Jones

      I’m flattered that you think so! <33 Hey, if I don't win the contest (I'm not expecting to, but... one can hope ;D) I might need more proof/beta readers! You never know... I'll keep you on my mind!

  • Angela Watts

    The story sounds so sweet and neato! I love the snippets. =DI can’t wait to read this.
    God bless,
    – Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

  • Ivie Brooks

    AAAHHHH, THIS IS AWESOME!! And I’m totally a secretive writer, too. I have to go through a lot of writing and editing before I even talk much about the book and I get flustered talking about my books. XD

    • Zane Jones

      *squeals* THANK YOU I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT!! And I’m glad you can relate. I think it might be true for a lot of writers… it’s just HARD to talk about your precious baby that you just poured 4930824903.4 hours of love and hard work into! xD

  • Nicki Chapelway

    This sounds great, Zane! Super exciting to finally know what your story is about!

    And as for the Rooglewood contest… Ahhh! *clutches heart* I am in an endless cycle of cardiac arrest until April 2nd.



    • Zane Jones

      Thank you, Nicki!


      Eeek, thanks! YES, SHE DOES!! They could be twins! 😉 Did you ever talk about your novella? Because I’m sure I would have remembered that! I kind of avoided most of people’s posts because I didn’t want to copy anyone.

      • Nicki Chapelway

        Guess who won’t be able to sleep March 31st? 😉

        That’s so cool, twins, separated at birth! I think a lot of people had the same idea. Snow White who can control snow etc. No, I didn’t really ever talk about my novella, at least on a blog (hmm… maybe I should change that…) but I think our stories are probably as different as night and day. You’ve got superheroes in the 1950’s I have a dark fantasy with a world plunged into an eternal winter.

        • Zane Jones

          Yeah – I avoided telling anyone until after the contest and avoided most people’s posts about their retellings just because I didn’t want to 1) have someone use my idea, or 2) accidentally steal an idea from someone else!

          Oh, definitely different then! Mine is more of a cheery, summery sort of thing. That sounds super cool! I’d love to see a post about it.

  • Mary

    *giggles happily* *hugs you*

    Ahhh, Zane!! Those excerpts! That story! Those aesthetic character moodboards! EEP!! It’s so lovely!!

    I love the feel and the sweetness and your writing and your characters and just everything!! Thanks for bravely sharing!! I know how nerve-wracking that is. 😉 I can’t wait till you share the whole thing with the world! Because you will, even if it’s scary. 🙂 I look forward to reading it someday!

    • Zane Jones

      *squeals at the lovely comment*

      Mary, you are the sweetest!! <3 I'm so glad you liked it!!

      Aww… I just… can't – you are so nice! I look forward to you all reading it as well! Maybe eventually I'll get some of you to be my second beta readers – it still needs a LOT of work. (: We'll see, after the contest is over! *hugs*

  • Allison Tebo


    This is so brilliant!! ‘ENDLESS FLAILING” Oh my pea-picking goodness!

    I really, really regret not being able to make Rooglewood – but I am having SO much fun seeing the originality and fun and brilliance my buddies are pulling out of thin air. I have so many friends to root for in the contest I am losing my mind! LOL.

    • Zane Jones

      *squeals* THANK YOU ALLISON! It means so much to me that you like it, eeeeee!

      Yeah, it was kind of intense and I know several people dropped out… I completely understand, though, I was THIS close to not making it. I mean, I had beta readers ONE WEEK before it was due. *chuckles nervously* Cutting it close much?? xP Are you still planning on finishing your novella? I’d LOVE to hear more about it *coughs* beta reading *cough* Also, I KNOW. So many people… so many orginal ideas… eek!

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