Q + A! (sunshine blogger tag + blue sky tag)

So, today I’m doing two tags from ages ago that really should have gotten done sooner but I went on hiatus right after I was tagged for them. :’) I was tagged for the Sunshine Blogger Tag by Lisa, and the Blue Sky Tag by Allison. Lisa tagged me in September, and Allison tagged me in *cringes* August. Thanks, girls! I do love tags, it’s just that I haven’t had much time to do them.


They both have summery names, so I guess it’s ironic I’m doing them in the middle of winter. Oh well…


But I’m doing them now, so that counts for something??


Here we go! On to the Sunshine Blogger Tag!


1. What would be your second choice career (other than that of a writer)? Or if you aren’t going to be a full-time author, what’s your job choice?


Um, hard question. To be completely honest I have no idea what I want to do with my life?? So. I want to run a blog and an Etsy shop and YouTube channel and create beautiful things and sell them and write novels and publish them and do graphic design and dance and reenact and get married and have kids and be a homemaker.


SO THERE YA GO. If you can shape all of that ^^ into a career, good job, sir. You are more accomplished than me. I’d really like to see what you come up with.

2. Out of all the people you personally know (not internet friends) who has been the most encouraging/enthusiastic about your writer’s life and your works?


My family and friends have all been really supportive. I can’t choose just one! xP


3. How would you want to die if you were to be killed by the villains of the fictional world you accidentally entered?


Um… quickly?? But I would hope I would be a good enough fictional character to get myself out of the scrape… just sayin’.

4. Who’s your favorite animal character of all time? (Out of a book, friends, not a movie.)


REEPICHEEP. He was the first one that popped into my head. I love so many animal characters, and there are tons of them in Narnia alone, but Reepicheep is such a… a mouse. A brave mouse. A noble mouse. A mouse who does not take being swung around by the tail lightly.


(spoiler ahead for the Voyage of the Dawn Treader)


Did you know I cried when he sailed east?


Traumatizing stuff, folks.


5. Are you more excited about writing the dedication or the acknowledgements in your book?


Honestly the dedication is scary… there are so many creative and interesting ways you could write it, and also the traditional dedication to readers/family/etc. thing… but how am I supposed to choose?? So acknowledgements, I suppose. I love reading acknowledgements from indie books because I usually know some of the people! xD

6. In one sentence or phrase, describe your writers life motto – preferably using symbolism and and metaphors. It can also be your mission statement kind of thing.


To be completely honest, I don’t have one. Do most people?…


But if I must, this is more something I want to be in all my stories… No matter what I write, I always want a glimmer of hope to shine through.


7. Pick one song that best describes what you aspire to be.


Ummm. I didn’t know people did this. I don’t have one.


8. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?


No, I don’t. Sorry!


9. If you had to rename your blog, what would you call it?


I’m rather fond of my blog name, but if I HAD to, it would probably be a song, movie, or book reference. Like “The Daydream Believer” or something. I really like that, actually, but I like mine better…

10. What would you want written on your tombstone? (Got this one from a biography where the girl said she wanted “She lived life to the fullest” written there. Something of the sort, friend.)


She lived to a ripe old age and made all her dreams come true. ; )


11. You know you will die in one year. What do you want to do in that time?


Well, first I would be severely annoyed at the person who told me when I was going to die, because who wants to know their death-date anyway?? How morbid, really!! How dare you, sir. Then I would stalk off and live life as fully as I possibly could in the one year I had just to spite whoever told me. Maybe go be a missionary somewhere that people wouldn’t be sorry for me because I was dying in a year. Or finish a novel. Travel the world. Go on a road trip and meet internet friends. Publish something. LIVE. I don’t know!


And that’s it for the Sunshine Blogger Tag… on to the Blue Sky Tag!


1.  What fictional character did you think was the coolest person ever when you were a kid?



Ugh, I’m not thinking of anyone off the top of my head. Maybe Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia. I also thought Laura Ingalls was pretty cool – even though she’s not fictional, five-year-old me thought she was. ; )


2. How would you describe your type / sense of humor?

Sarcastic, dry, witty. I hope. xD


3. If you could buy one material thing, and money was not an issue, what would it be?

An entire wardrobe of clothes throughout the centuries, from the 1600s to the 1980s.*


*Shh this is totally one material thing. Don’t be ridiculous.


4. If you could sing like one famous person (alive or dead) who would it be?


Argh, what a hard question! I’m thinking either someone old-school, like Doris Day (only heard one of her songs but THAT VOICE) or Julie Andrews (love her <3), or someone more modern with a big, powerful voice like Lauren Daigle or Adele. Probably gonna go with Julie Andrews though.


5. What do you like to do first thing in the morning?


Get out of bed and do school.


6. If you had to live in another country alone for a year, where would it be?



Definitely somewhere that spoke English, because if I had to speak a foreign language for an entire year… *shakes head* Probably Great Britain.


7. When you’re in pain, do you want space or attention?



SPACE. But at the same time, I kind of like it when I get attention?? I don’t know.


8. What is one of your weird obsessions?

Well, I have a lot of weird obsessions… Hmm…People watching maybe?? I notice a lot of really random, weird things because I like to collect characters for my stories. Also, because I like doing hair, I always try and see how they did their hair. xP


9. What job would you be great at, and what job would you be horrible at?

I think I would be really good at a job where I didn’t have to leave the house… maybe a graphic designer? Or a writer. ; ) And I would probably be horrible at anything with manual labor like digging holes… anything involving math, too, like building skyscrapers.


10. If you could time travel back in time as far as the second century, what specific event would you attend?

Seriously?? I have to choose one???


I’d love to meet Robert E. Lee. Maybe go talk to Jane Austen or Emily Dickenson… But those are people, not events. The Civil War. WWII. The inauguration of George Washington would be pretty cool. Or… goodness, what a hard question. I give up.


11. If you could meet one of your own characters, and bring them to present day earth, who would it be, and why? What would y’all do?


Hmmm.  To be honest most of my characters are either a little scary or people I wouldn’t get on with at ALL in real life, like Allison said in her post. There is one character that I think would be rather fun, though… His name is Simon. He’s from a story I’m no longer working on, but still LOVE the idea of. It was a story set in the 1950s*, right in the middle of the Red Scare, with government involvement and Communists and con men and kidnapping and all that fun stuff! I just reread it and it was such a great idea…




Simon’s a bit of a scoundrel but really a good guy; I think he just needs a push in the right direction. He’s been locked away for years, so I think he would be eager to see the world and everything in it. He has a soft heart, even though he acts all tough on the outside. I really just want to give him a hug ; )

That’s not exactly what he looks like, but it’s close enough… 😉

First I would want to dress up ’50s, because obviously it’s a ’50s story and it would be way more fun that way. We would go in his lime-green Volkswagen bug, and he would probably be disgusted by modern music. I honestly don’t know what we’d do because my idea of fun is either a quiet library or going dancing. xP I’d drag him to the library and get him to carry my books, and then we’d go ’50’s dancing, and get ice cream cones at Chik-Fil-A. Simon would either be 1) grumbling the entire time, or 2) being an absolute charmer. Depends on how annoyed he is with me. And he would probably be pretty annoyed because of all the stuff I put him through… I promise I like you, Simon, it’s just that it’s my JOB to be mean to you. 


There you have it, folks. Maybe someday I shall be completely caught up on tags, but that day is not today. :’) I hope that your weekend is amazing! Come hang out in the comments and make my day. <3


If you could meet up with one of your characters for a day, who would it be and what would you do?




I'm Zane Jones, a young creative trying to figure life out. I make messes and sometimes art.


  • Angela Watts

    Awesome questions and answers. 😀
    Simon looks interesting! I do like the ’50s too… it’s a bit crazy to look back and see how much has changed… and what hasn’t… yep.
    God bless,
    – Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

  • Allison Tebo

    LOL! Wow, some of these questions were hard!

    AHHHHH! Reepicheep!!! W/hat an amazing, noble-hearted character – I love him so much.

    Ever since I published I read every snippet of acknowledgements in books now. Having so many people help me on my path to publishing, it means much more to me to see other author’s reaching out to thank their support team.

    I love your mission statement!

    DAYDREAM BELIEVER!!!!! That would be the most darling name for a blog. That song is so awesome – I LOVE your EXCEPTIONAL taste in music Zane!

    The characters that I thought were the coolest when I was little were Zorro and Tarzan. LOL. I like my guys super manly. 😛

    OOOO – can I borrow some of your wardrobe? 😀

    Julie Andrews is a great choice for a desired singing voice! “sighs dreamily”


    Haha! I would be terrible at anything involving math, too.

    WHAT IS THIS STORY WITH SIMON THAT YOU SPEAK OF? It sound so COOL! Simon sounds great too. 😀

    • Zane Jones

      I know. It took me WAY longer than anticipated to answer them!

      Yess, isn’t he amazing?? I love him too. <3

      I know! It's really neat to see. Not to mention some authors make acknowledgements so fun.

      Thank you! It's so hard to describe your mission!

      YES! I really love it, I think it's such a cute name!!! Too bad I already have a blog, though, haha. I love that song!!! We seem to share a lot of the same music tastes!!

      Zorro!! We watched one of the movies and I remember really liking it!

      Of course, Allison dear! I think you would look really gorgeous in a 1940s or 50s dress...

      I know... I can just imagine myself going out on a hill and belting out, "THE HILLLS ARE ALIIIIIIIVE, WITH THE SOUND OF MUUUUSIC..." Haha! She has such a lovely voice, oh my goodness. I LOVE the Sound of Music.

      Ahem. ALLISON, HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT OF ME. I mean, someone doing school in their pajamas - simply isn't respectable!! No, I don't do school in my pajamas... I wear a nightgown. xP xP

      It's a retelling of a really obscure fairy tale - I won't tell which one just yet, in case it gets revived. *grins* I'm kind of in love with the idea, still, I just don't know if it should be a fairy tale retelling... And the plot was basically nonexistent. But the characters! And the setting! And the dialogue! Ahhhh! <3

      And thank you for all the comments! I've been getting a lot of spam comments, and I thought when I saw "27 Comments" that all of them were spam - so this was SUCH a lovely surprise! You made my day!! I was just scrolling down and grinning. <33

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