Birthdays, updates, and where has the time gone?


My brother’s birthday was yesterday. He’s fourteen.


He told me I should write a blog post about how awesome he is, teasing me. so guess what? I am.* Kind of, at least. ; )


*90% of this is because it’s been a crazy few days and I don’t know what to post about. So why not post a random post full of nonsense? Maybe you’ll like it. I don’t know.


yes we were a lot younger then ; )
fun fact of the day: I used to have really curly hair, and now it’s pretty much dead straight.
I’m sorry but are these pictures not really cute?? thank you.

Birthdays have been quite prevalent this week. My brother’s party last Sunday, singing happy birthday to my brother and one of our friends in youth group on Wednesday, bringing balloons and leftover cupcakes to our co-op class on Friday, a birthday party I went to on Friday, today we’re going to have a small family birthday party, and my best friend’s birthday is on Monday.




*I don’t know if they want me to mention their name here so. (:


Justus is my little brother (and I can still say little, because he IS younger than me even if he is, like, a foot taller xP). He likes to play guitar and do magic tricks and Rubik’s cubes and a lot of really cool stuff. He also leaves weird comments on my blog. Thanks a lot. He’s amazing with kids (like, how do you do it??). It’s like they’re magnetically attracted to him. I keep bugging him to start a blog and actually made one for him, but he hasn’t done anything with it – he says he’ll do it in the summer. We’ll see. 😛


I actually made him a photo book for his birthday, which is why I have all these photos right now…


oh look this was at Williamsburg last year when he didn’t completely tower over me.


And Emma’s one of my best friends. She’s amazing at sewing and she and my Grandma are trying to show me how. We’ll see how that goes. xP She likes reading and Jane Austen, although she insists that Emma is a good book/movie and doesn’t understand why I don’t like it*. She’s my dancing and reenacting buddy, and has put up with my craziness for nearly fourteen years. Woah. Also, she has a blog so GO CHECK IT OUT!!




we’re also goofballs.



  • The past week, particularly the last three days, have been really exhausting for me. In case you don’t know, I’m an INFJ, which means that I LOVE people, but after too much of them… nope. I’m done. shutting down now. power off. I’ll restart in about three weeks thank you. I was so tired last night my dad said it looked like I needed three days of sleep, or something.
  • which I do.
  • but it’s daylight savings time so haha no.
  • My room is a mess and it’s making me stressed.
  • also I have no time to clean it.
  • I’m behind on stuff and that’s also making me stressed.
  • what else is new?
  • I’m not sure why I’m writing in bullet points.
  • Honestly, I’m not sure why I do a lot of things.


I’m turning sixteen soon. Which is scary and strange because sixteen is practically grown up – at least so I thought when I was ten. And now I’m nearly sixteen and I feel like even more of a child then when I was thirteen/fourteen.


But I’m having a joint birthday party with Emma, that I’m incredibly excited about! It’s going to be a dance. Surprise! What else is new?

I’m also really excited because one of my very dear friends, who lives far away, may be able to come! If I get her permission I might post a picture of the three of us when we were little…

For now here’s one I already have permission for…



I feel like this was a rather dull post, but it might just be me that’s feeling dull. My head’s aching and I would really like a nap. Honestly this week has been so busy I haven’t had time to think about what to post. Where has the time gone?? Usually, even if I’m behind, I’ve thought of a topic – but today? Nope. We’ve been gone almost all day for the past four days, so yeah. Oh well.


So, what’s next with this dear old blog? Well, I definitely want to continue my journaling series, because I love it a lot. Maybe I’ll do some more writing-related posts. Also, I’m planning on doing quarterly recaps! Once a month is too much for me, personally, although I’ll try to do some little update posts like this one. Perhaps a few fun tags. Maybe I’ll talk some people into letting me interview them. 😉


Things are a little crazy right now. Thanks for hanging in there.





How’s your life going? Any birthdays? Crazy-fun moments?

I'm Zane Jones, a young creative trying to figure life out. I make messes and sometimes art.


  • Justus

    I loved all the pictures (well most of them at least) and you spelled Rubik’s cube wrong just so you know… And thank you for not posting a picture of me with my hair when I had it buzz cut. You should start doing Birthday posts every year!

  • Emma

    AWW! You are so sweet Zane! I love this random post! So awesome!Happy Birthday to Justus and all the other people!

    ZANE, we were SO cute!! What happened?! XP. Thanks for saying such sweet things about me! :)We are so crazy… (The good kind of crazy I hope)

    I really do like Emma! It is a funny book! P and P is still a million and one times better, but Emma is my next favorite (plus we share the same name!).

    I’d love to see more journalling posts! Tags are awesome too! You can always interview me! Idk if we would ever get to anything important…

    Hope you get good sleep tonight! 😉


    P.S Have I told you how much I love your new blog design?!

    • Zane Jones

      Thanks, Emma!!

      I KNOW! Seriously… xP I think the good kind… but I don’t know…

      I know you like it, dear Emma Grace. I was just teasing you. Pride and Prejudice is 8493028449839 times better, though.

      Yay!! I was actually thinking about interviewing you… or Justus… don’t tell him I said so though. (Although he’ll probably see this comment. Oh well. Remember when we tried that vlog?? #epicfail

      Thanks! I did!

      I don’t know if you did… but thanks 🙂

  • Lisa

    OH WELL happy birthday to your bro and friends if they see this 😉 and WELCOME TO SIXTEEN, dear!! It’s … so scary bc YOU ARE AN ADULT IN TWO YEARS *screams* *can’t handle it* ok sorry *coughcough* That was not the most reassuring welcome. Let me try again. WELCOME TO SIXTEEN THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE. << sounds better, right?

    Ok and *gasp* IS THAT OLIVIA LAUREN?? Eep – you are real life friends? NO WAY!! SO COOL!!

    Things are crazy here too. I'm with ya <3

    xx lisa

    • Zane Jones

      Thanks, Lisa! I’ll tell them to check back. Although my brother is probably stalking this post… I don’t know. xP

      Haha… thanks, I think. *is freaking out internally* YOU’RE SCARING ME, LISA. I don’t wanna be an adult yet!! xD Maybe I’ll do a post on my actual birthday?? I don’t know??? Yeah, that’s better. Thanks.

      YES IT IS!! We’ve been friends since we were about four. We actually met at Emma Grace’s fourth birthday party! She moved and I hardly ever see her but I’m hoping I’ll see her soon?

      Hopefully everything will be less crazy soon. *hugs*

  • Book Wyrm

    If you have the time , I tagged you on a liebster award on my blog. But only do it if you want to! One of the rules was to notify the people of your having tagged , that’s why I’m bugging you, haha

    • Zane Jones

      Thank you! I love your questions! 🙂 I’ll look forward to doing this! (And actually do it before the end of the year this time, haha! Last time I was tagged right before the end of the year and didn’t get it done quite in time. XD)

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