Sixteen going on seventeen

So I turned sixteen.


It’s kind of weird, because sixteen was the age in books and movies where characters had boyfriends and cars and were Practically Grown Up™. They seemed SO OLD to Zane-a-long-time-ago.

I mean, that’s Liesl’s age. In The Sound of Music. (LEISL!!!)

AND I’M SIXTEEN NOW. (As of last Wednesday.) Help.

At least I can sing “I am sixteen going on seventeen!” EXTREMELY LOUDLY and really mean it! (Although I haven’t even been able to because I have either an awful cold or allergies  or something and can’t sing a note.)

So, in honor of my sixteenth birthday, I’ll be telling you sixteen random facts about myself. (Inspired in part by these two lovely people.)

Here we go. Hopefully at least a few of these will surprise you. 😉


First person present tense used to drive me insane, but I’ve gotten where I don’t hate it quite so much. Don’t get me started on third person present, though.



Apparently the question to ask a sixteen-year-old is, “When are you getting your driver’s license/learner’s permit?” Answer: I’m not planning on getting my learner’s license right now. Please, please, please, don’t ask any more. I’m only sixteen. I don’t need to drive. Geez.




I really don’t like shopping, but I LOVE thrift stores. And bookstores. And stores where everything is marked down really cheap.



I love children’s books and am childish in a lot of ways (I’m still a kid!!), but I also act a lot older than my age. (Apparently – that’s what people tell me.) Which is slightly weird but probably just another INFJ thing. (Speaking of Meyers-Briggs, I’m not obsessed! But here’s a link just in case you’re interested. Ahem.)


I randomly break into dance and embarrass my little brother. Mainly in stores. It’s really funny. I also embarrass him in other ways.


I grew up reading lots of British books, so I often accidentally use the British spelling of words, particularly saviour. And grey. And I love the spelling favourite, and colour, and a lot of others.



One of my toes doesn’t work, but I have no memory of breaking it. I’m serious – like, I can’t bend it.



I used to like heights, but now I can’t stand them. Mostly because of a traumatic fall from a tree that ended in a broken leg and emergency surgery and yeah, I don’t climb trees anymore. (On the note of broken bones, I’ve broken four. Possibly five if you count the toe.) However, I was proud of myself because I managed to go around the entire (TERRIFYING) first level of the SkyHike at Stone Mountain. (Never again. Never.) 




When I make jokes, often I won’t laugh at myself (because the effect is greater that way) and other people (mainly in my youth group) are unsure of whether to laugh or not. I’m like, go on. Laugh. You know it was funny. (Also, I like parentheses.)



I can’t stand notifications staying on my phone/kindle. I want them to GO AWAY. On the same note, if I have too many messages/letters/friend requests/emails, it makes me feel stressed and consequently I answer none of them.





I’m slightly claustrophobic in weird, random ways. I hate crowds and people pushing on me and getting too close and jostling and ugh. But small spaces don’t really bother me unless there are people crammed into them, or they’re unbearably stuffy, or something.


When people don’t use commas in books but just ramble on and on and never think of using commas even though it would improve the sentence it really annoys me.



I really, really don’t like coke. Or coffee. Or tea. Or basically any other drink besides water.



I have a hard time watching certain historical movies or shows because some of them are soooo historically inaccurate – I mean, I’m not an expert, but REALLY?? Do you even know what time period this is? My family probably gets annoyed with me :))





 I LOVE penpals but I hardly have any. And I want to ask online friends* to be penpals but I can’t because 1: asking for your address = CREEPY, 2: giving someone my address = ALSO CREEPY, 3: asking you to be my penpal = AWKWARD. I just want to write pretty letters to nice people who will send me letters back! I love using washi tape and stamps and doodles and papers and it’s really fun, okay. Emma and I sometimes write each other letters even though we see each other like three times a week. Because we’re weird and need more pen pals.

*and real-life friends but it’s kind of awkward. like “Hiiii… would you… like, be interested in, um, writing me letters?? Because I kinda like pen pals and stuff.”



Nonfiction is NOT my thing. If you have any recommendations for Really Good Nonfiction that isn’t impossibly boring, then please fire away!


And that’s it for the facts about me! Goodness, it feels AMAZING to post on time for once. How many of these facts did you know about me (if any)? What’s a random fact about you?

xx Zane

I'm Zane Jones, a young creative trying to figure life out. I make messes and sometimes art.


  • Lisa

    Ummm whoa I relate to you on a few of these really much. Like driving. WHEN ARE YOU GETTING YOUR LISENCE. says everyone. My friends started learning THE VERY DAY THEY HIT 16/14 (depending on the age limit where they live) but I do have VOICES OF REASON behind me who say NO. 16 IS STILL YOUNG. YOU CAN WAIT.

    And on the shopping. THAT IS LITERALLY ME.

    And ugh omw yes, to the #awkwardness on penpaling. Like … I used to be a really daring person asking people but! Since then I either became more timid or more wise idk which XD I COULD TOTALLY PENPAL WITH YOU THOUGH IF YOU’D LIKE. I mean, you’d have to post to Canada but I could use a few more penpals cos all of mine were like “ummm yeah let’s upgrade to emails k?”

    So… HAPPY SIXTEEN. It’s really COOL to be sixteen but I gotta say, it sometims feels like, “err so I’m 16 – where’a the boyfriend????” lol

    xx lisa

    • Lisa

      And! I adore nonfiction! Some really really good ones are the entire Christian Heroes: Then and Now series plus The Hiding Place, The Shadow of the Almighty, Living on the Devil’s Doorstep, The Cross and the Switchblade, and The Irresistible Revolution. My TOP FAVES OF EVER, in case you wondred.

      • Zane Jones

        Oooh, I’ve actually read a bunch of those! I forgot about them 😛 (Typical…) I really like them, though. I really want to read The Hiding Place, it sounds so good! The other ones sound amazing too, I added all of them 😀 Thanks for the recs!

    • Zane Jones

      I KNOWWWWW. Yes to everything you said!! I mean, I don’t! need! to drive! right now!!!

      Hehe! Yes!

      YES. SO AWKWARD. I want to ask people but I’m so shyyyy. I would really, really, really love to be penpals, I’ll have to ask my parents but I would really like that! It would be so fun, eek! (I’ll pm you on Goodreads or Google hangouts or something.) I know, mine were too, hehe. Emails, google hangouts, skype…

      THANK YOU. You’re so sweet for always leaving me the nicest comments – I’m horrible at commenting on people’s blogs xP And um no boyfriend, thank you very much. Not til I’m eighteen. Or twenty one. Or maybe neverrrrr xP

  • Faith on the Farm

    Yes! Someone else who spells things the british way just cause well….books. Spellcheck WILL tell me “color” is not sspelt “colour” but I like it anyway. The comma thing and the historical movie thing is so me. When I’m like but the movie was wrong, and it doesn’t actually go that way, everyone is like “Shhh..I don’t care if it’s not accurate…it’s a movie.” And I’m like “But it’s not …. it’s not….it’s not…..i’t not RIGHT!”

    Loved this post.

    I found your blog from your best friends Q & A with Emma.

    • Zane Jones

      YES! So annoying! Often I’ll like the British spelling better, why shouldn’t I use it? :p

      My family gets so annoyed with me, haha. Especially when I’m poking at the little details. “Zane – it’s just a movie!”

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re here – welcome! 😀

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