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So I’ve been searching and searching for a Beach Boys record, because I LOVE the Beach Boys, and I finally found one and have been listening to it dozens of times. It’s really scratched up but I don’t mind.

It’s called “All Summer Long” and is making me crave summer. IT’S SO CLOSE (yet so far away :P).

Also there’s this epic track on there with their recording mess-ups and goofing off – it’s just plain funny! I just listen to it and crack up… Maybe I’ll record it for y’all so you can hear it.

BUT ANYYYWAY. The whole Beach Boys record thing has put me in a record-player sort of mood, therefore you are getting a post on record players. You’re welcome. I know you love me.

fun behind-the-scenes fact: yes, indeed, the edge of my desk looks tidy, but that’s just because I shoved all the washi tape/pens/journaling supplies/junk out of the way.

Also, in case you’re wondering if this is a last-moment oh-dear-I’m-behind let’s-write-it-at-midnight-so-we’ll-have-something-to-put-up post, why yes, yes it is. You know me too well. *smirks* I’m writing it on my phone right now. In an email to myself. Ah, how very professional I am…



1. They make that little crackly noise at the edge of the record when you start listening.


2. If your grandparents still have their old records you can play them and you’re listening to the EXACT SAME RECORD they listened to when they were teenagers


3. They’re just cool


4. They come in all shapes and colors and look very nice in your room



5. You can pick up records at thrift stores and who cares if they’re scratched it gives them CHARACTER


6. Records usually have old music and old music is the best music


7. You can imagine you’re a teenager in the ’40s and swing dance around your room to Glenn Miller oh wait that’s just me


8. Putting on a record while you’re working on something makes it 3980482 times better


9. You can play Beach Boys nonstop and probably annoy everyone


10. Are you not convinced yet because really record players are just awesome and I could go on but I shan’t.



I want your opinions. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT RECORD PLAYERS? Awesome or outdated?


xx Zane


I'm Zane Jones, a young creative trying to figure life out. I make messes and sometimes art.


  • Allison Tebo

    Zane – you’re my hero!!!! *squeals* What can I add to this post? Uh . . . NOTHING. This is gold!! I agree %100!!! *double high fives and swing dances with you around the room* I love records and record players and I’ve had so much fun using my parents old record player and spinning platters.

    And the Beach Boys….YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a few of the records. I have Dance, Dance, Dance and Little Honda. I think I have a couple more of theirs, but I forget. Old music is the best music!

    I love your record player – it has inspired me (in a previous post) to get one like it!

    Awesome post, Zane – you are one cool cat! 😉

    • Zane Jones

      EEEK, ALLI. YOU’RE SO SWEET. Yess! We have my mom’s old record player but it’s too big for my room, so I asked for a tiny one for Christmas. I loooove it.

      I have Little Honda on my record!! A bunch more, really summery ones. YES, IT TOTALLY IS.

      EEK THANKS. I would definitely recommend that record player (so far at least) – I haven’t had any problems with it yet. Not to mention it’s really cute (in my opinion at least ?)

      THANK YOU! You are too. ?

  • mira elizabeth

    and no, haha, you are not the only one who swing dances around their room. XD
    my favorite album to listen to on my record player is the beatles #1 hits. AND YES IT TOO MAKES ME CRAVE SUMMER.
    okay thank you for all the feels i’m going to listen to my records now.

    • Zane Jones


      Your comment just made me grin. Thanks for making my day better ❤️ I’m so glad someone could relate to this post!

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