Best Friends Q+A + photos (also, blog anniversary!)

Hello friends! Recently, Emma (one of my closest friends) and I were at Stone Mountain together. We both had cameras, and enlisted my brother to do a mini-photoshoot for us. We got a few photos together, so Emma was inspired by this post to do a Q+A post. In the past week we’ve pulled this together – hopefully it will be enjoyable! There will be a mix of selfies, photos from Stone Mountain, and photos from when we were little.

we went at Christmastime to see the old houses and this was the Christmas tree they had. so pretty!


this is my brother taking a picture of me. I thought this picture was too good not to include…haha
he was trying to show me how to pose.
he actually did get some good pictures, though. 😀


It also so happens that Monday was my blog anniversary, so this is as close as I’m getting to a blogiversary post. How have I been blogging for two years? Time passes so quickly. So I also have a new blog theme and about me page in celebration!

Emma and I met at church when we were 2 or 3 years old, and we’ve been best friends ever since. Honestly, I don’t remember a time where I didn’t know Emma. It’s hard for me to make friends sometimes, so I’m so thankful to have Emma!

Don’t forget to hop over to her blog after you read this post so you can see the rest of the Q+A!

we used to match a lot!

1. What is your scariest memory?


Zane: So, when I was 14, I fell out of a tree. And I broke my femur bone, which happens to be the hardest bone in your body to break. Yeah. I broke it. Count on me. Anyway, I had to be rushed to the hospital and into emergency surgery, so that was scary.


Emma:  The first that pops into my mind happened this past December. I was Christmas shopping with my mom and aunt in separate parts of TJ Maxx. I’m flipping through the clothes and these two teenage guys come up to me and introduce themselves and ask me if I’m fine with answering some questions for a survey.  Now, Idk what made so nervous… maybe the way they kept looking at each other and acting nervous? But something made me feel very uncomfortable. I don’t remember exactly what I said but I basically said I wasn’t interested. So the guys walked straight out of the store. That’s what got me I think, the fact that they walked in and came up to me and then once I said no walked right right back out. So that made me think they weren’t in there to get questions for their survey (I mean, I wasn’t the only person in the store, but I’m the only one they asked).  At that point I was shaking so bad and I just need to go to my mom. So, I walked over to where mom and my aunt were. As soon as they saw me they both  said “what happened? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” It was all I could do not to start crying like a baby while I explained everything. I stuck with them the rest of the night in the rest of the stores! 🙂 Sorry that was really long!

2. Have you ever swum in the ocean?


Zane: Yes! I’ve been to the beach several times. I love it!


Emma: Yes!



3. If you could meet any movie/TV character, who would it be?


Zane: Oh my goodness! I have no idea. The ones that pop into my head immediately, though, are Elinor Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility) and Laura Timmons (Larkrise to Candleford). Both amazing characters who I feel like I have a lot in common with.


Emma: Oh my, that’s hard…  I’m going with Lisle and Max from the Book Thief.



4. What is the longest period of time you have stayed awake?

Zane: I have no idea. I usually don’t stay awake that long, I get up somewhere between 5-8 and go to bed around 10-11. So… yeah.

Emma: Whatever time I woke up until 2 or 3am. It was an awesome book! #dontjudge


5. What are your favorite books?

Zane: There are so many, but some (more recent) favorites of mine include the Penderwicks series, the Blue Castle, Real Friends, the Invention of Hugo Cabret, The Thief, and A Night Divided.

Emma: yay It’s in the plural! The titles that pop into my head are: “Pride and Prejudice”, “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, “Echo”, “The Penderwicks”, “Anne of Green Gables” and “The Girl Who Could See”.

6. Have you read all the same books? If not, what are a couple you really want your friend to read?

Zane: Not quite all the same. But we had to message each other to figure out if there even were any. 😛 If I could make Emma read any three books right now, they would be: Real Friends, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Some Kind of Happiness.

Emma: I think we mostly read the mostly the same books. Zane definitely reads more than me though! (I mean 200+ books in a year? #howeven) 4 books I would love for her to read are: “Navigating Early”, “Moon Over Manifest”, “Magnolia Story” and “Brown Girl Dreaming”


7. When is your favorite time of day, or night, to read?

Zane: I like to read before bed sometimes, and any other time I can read, like in the car.

Emma: whenever I feel like it/ have the time ? I usually find the most time to pleasure read at night.

at the Atlanta History Center! Emma and I both made our dresses (at least I made part of mine)

8. And do you have a favorite place to read?

Zane: If I read any place, it’s usually in my bed.

Emma: my bed, at my desk or our super comfy grey glider.


9. What is your favorite thing to blog about?

Zane: Well, I’m kind of trying to figure that out right now. Some of my very favorite posts have been my photo posts and my journaling posts, they’re so fun to do. (Except when my photos don’t work and make me angry. :p)

Emma: I always find myself coming up with bookish or sewing related ideas. So books or sewing!

10. What are some of your favorite doo-wop songs?

Zane: Some of my favorites are the ones that we played at the joint sixteenth birthday party Emma and I had – Life Could Be a Dream, Blue Moon, and Sixteen Candles, because they have good memories connected to them.

Emma: ‘tries to think’ none come to mind… not really my genre lol!


11. Who are some of your favorite (music) artists?

Zane: I love oldies – Elvis and the Beach Boys are my favorite. And my favorite modern artist is Owl City. I also love Lauren Daigle.

Emma: I love Switchfoot, Lauren Daigle and Anthem Lights (not really an artist but they do amazing covers!!)

Walmart ice cream… 😀

12. Does your record player have a name?

Zane: Actually, it does not yet! Any suggestions?

Emma: Nope! Only because I don’t have a record player… we used to, but we gave it to my grandpa.


13. Can you play any instruments?

Zane: Yes! I’ve taken piano lessons for several years and I love to play. I’m able to play for my church, which I really enjoy. I also have played a couple chords on the ukulele, but nothing impressive.

Emma: I play Piano and a little guitar (I’m trying to teach myself, but I’m going at a very slow pace ?)

goofing off…

14. Do you like to cook or bake, and if so, what foods are your favorite to make?

Zane: I’m not much of a baker, but I do like to make desserts occasionally. 🙂

Emma: I do both about the same. If I had to choose I’d rather bake. Probably cookies or something.


15. What is your favorite place in nature?

Zane: Honestly, I like any place that’s close to water. There’s something about water that captivates me. So, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, oceans… those kinds of places are my favorite. I also love the magic of pretty much any place outside when the sun is setting, and the lighting is all golden.

Emma: a hammock lol. Seriously though, probably water (not to get wet in, just to look at and take pictures)

16. What is your favorite type of dance?

Zane: I love 1860s, because it’s on my skill level and it’s so fun. But there’s something I also like about the earlier 18th century dances, although I’m not very good at doing them. (I also love swing dancing, even if I haven’t learned how to do it yet.)

Emma: A: ECD (English Country Dance) and swing


17. What is your favorite thing to do with your siblings/family, and what’s your favorite thing about them?

Zane: I’m not sure if I have one favorite thing about them. I love that, at this point in our lives, we’re all together most of the time. I love being around them – I feel safest at home, with them. I like being able to have movie nights and joking with each other and laughing.

Emma: I’m super close to my bro, I really enjoy making music, being crazy and just talking with him.  With my family I don’t think I have just one  favorite… We do so much together! One thing I love is being in car with them. So many fun things happen in the van!

18. What are your favorite movies?

Zane: I love period dramas – Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice (1995) are two of my favorites. I also loved the animated movie Sing. The Princess Bride is another good one. The Lego Batman movie was hilarious. I feel like there are a lot more but I’m blanking.

Emma: I really like: most Jane Austen movies, “The Book Thief”, “Star Wars” movies, and “The Lord of Rings” trilogy.


19. If you had to dress in one time period of clothing forever, what would it be?

Zane: I’m assuming it can’t be modern. Clothing from the 1930s or 40s would be practical and I quite like the styles, so I might go with that. But if I had to do a pre-1900 time period, I would do Regency. By far it’s my favorite historical time period I’ve reenacted so far – my dress was so very comfortable, and I like the style of it.

Emma: I love re-enacting 1860s, but if I had to choose a time period to wear every day I’d choose 1940s.

20. What was the worst movie you ever watched?

Zane: Recently, I watched Infinity Wars with my dad and brother. While it might not have been the very worst movie I ever watched, it sure was on up there. It was extremely violent, which I can handle in small doses if I enjoy the movie, but I wasted my violence tolerance on NOTHING because I HATED the movie. Some scenes made me physically hurt. I connected with none of the characters in the movie, the plot was far too much squeezed into far to little time, and I felt maybe one emotion. (If you know me, I feel a LOT of emotions and if I only feel one emotion during a movie that is a VERY BAD SIGN.) Not to mention the horrible ending, which should have been sad, but it wasn’t. I literally felt nothing. Badly done, Marvel, badly done.

Emma: Anne Of Green Gables the continuing story. Oh my word it was the WORST! They changed the entire plot and added a bunch of unnecessary junk. I especially hated the relationships. I mean Diana did NOT marry Fred Wright for money. Just No. And Anne loves Gilbert (and only Gilbert ‘shakes finger at the screen writer’) Also, in the BOOK it was Anne’s sons that fought in the war, NOT Gil! ANYHOW! Can you tell I disliked this movie? Yes? Good. Because I hated it. Like, a lot.

(Fun fact: the truth is nobody asked this question. When formatting the posts, I realized I only had 19 questions and being the perfectionist I am, we came up with one more – very satisfactory so we could both rant about the worst movies we were just disappointed by, haha.)

photo credit to mom, brothers, Emma, me… honestly, who knows. but all images belong to us.

So…that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to check out Emma’s post!


What’s the worst movie you ever watched? Any suggestions for naming my record player?

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  • Emma Hornsby

    Oh my word I can’t believe I didn’t mention The Princess Bride as one of my favorite movies! Anyway, I has so much fun doing this collab with you! So glad you’re my friend!

    I love your new blog look! 🙂 Oh, you totally should name your record player Sterling! Or BISQUE! (Obviously)


  • Mary H.

    I loved all your answers on both posts, girls! And I definitely loved the answers to my questions – very thoughtful and lovely answers!

    Wow, I’m really sorry you had to go through those horrible experiences. That definitely sounds awful, and I can see why it was terrifying. D: I’ve never broken a bone (though I’ve had some bad sprains), much less a femur, but that sounds awful. And I HAVE had some scary experiences with guys in public places (though not often, thankfully!), so I know how you felt, Emma. It’s a terrible feeling. *hugs you both*

    I’ve stayed up for 36 hours before, not by choice – it was cause I had terrible insomnia, and that was one of my worst days, haha. My sister is a police officer working night shift, so she’s stayed up for very long periods before, when her schedule gets messed up and she has to go places in the daytime – but she’s healthier and tougher than I am!

    I like your choices of favorite books, and several of those are mine as well! I love Cheaper by the Dozen and several of both of your others. And I love most of the movies you listed! P&P ’95, all the way! The only good version. And LOTR, Princess Bride, and Star Wars are my favorites. Two of my other top favorite movies are Wives and Daughters, and Secondhand Lions.

    As for WORST movies, I AM WITH YOU ON AOGG #3!!! It was an abomination! I prefer to imagine it doesn’t exist. Probably the worst movie I’ve ever tried to watch. Just no. It made me want to vomit, and I only made it through a few minutes. I cannot believe my siblings watched the rest – I couldn’t stand it and had to leave. As soon as I tried to come back and give it another chance, there was something disgusting and inappropriate, and I left again immediately. SO MANY PROBLEMS! I used to be a big Marvel fan, but I’ve stopped watching their most recent movies, mostly cause of the supernatural stuff and weirdness – but the quality was also degrading, so I’ve realized I’m not missing much with some of them. You just confirmed that!

    Other terrible movies that come to mind, that I’ve watched or tried to watch in the last few years… Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Bourne #5, and My Fair Lady. I DNF-ed on the latter two. And I DIDN’T watch Star Wars: Solo, and I’m glad I was smart enough to know all along that it would be terrible, cause my family hated it! (I was gratified to know i was right, haha!) No offense to anyone who likes the new Star Wars movies – it’s great for you if you do! But for me personally, they’re not good. 😉 😛

    • Zane Jones

      Thank you, Mary!

      It was pretty scary, yes. Luckily I recovered fully. And weird people can be really scary… I had a similar experience in the mall.

      Oh whoa! 36 hours is crazy! I’m sorry you had insomnia – do you still have it or was it just one time? I hope not. *hugs* and I can’t imagine having to work at night and do stuff in the day.

      Awww, thanks!!! Yes P&P 95 is the ONLY version worth watching! I can’t stand the other version… but that is another rant for another day, haha.

      I haven’t watched it but from what Emma says I’m never going to. No thank you. I love the books to much to subject myself to that kind of torture. 😛 Yeah, I loved Marvel cartoons when I was younger and recently I’ve seen a few Marvel movies… but Infity Wars was horribly disappointing. I really don’t think you would like it at all. It had some very hard scenes in it that made me physically hurt and then it wasn’t even a good movie – so frustrating and disappointing. I did, however, enjoy Black Panther – aside from a few violent scenes and curse words, it was pretty clean and enjoyable for the most part.

      I’m not a huge Star Wars fan – I haven’t seen all of the old ones, but I have seen most of the new ones because of friends inviting us to go to the theater or something like that. I really didn’t care for the Force Awakens (and most of the new ones – they’re fine, just not great), but I did enjoy Solo. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it was quick and mostly enjoyable for me personally.

      Thank you for commenting, Mary! I loved answering your questions! <3

      • Mary H.

        Ackkkk. Yes, thankfully!! I’m glad it healed, but that is awful while it was injured.

        Yep, it wasn’t fun. I still have it, but it’s not as bad. I think the 36 hours thing (not sleeping the whole night) happened three times at the worst point, but those were the only nights it got quite that extreme. I’ve been up half the night more times than I can count, though, for years, especially when I travel. Now it’s better than it was, but I still don’t sleep well most of the time – some months are worse than others. That’s not the only thing I have, either. But I’m okay! 🙂 Thank you, dear! Actually, my sister likes it! She had to be on that shift for six months, but she stayed cause she wanted to. She’d rather that than get up at 4 am!! She’s a night owl. And she likes that the roads are empty at night. It’s definitely better when she can sleep during the day, though!

        Oh, my goodness, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about P&P!!! I literally can’t stand the 2005 version. *shudder* That’s the one *I’ve* never tried to watch (my mom warned me not to, cause she feels the same), but even seeing clips of it is too painful to endure. Don’t watch the Anne movie!!! You’ll regret it. Better not to try! Haha, we’re smart enough to learn from what other people tell us, and judge for ourselves. 😀 Do you like the first Anne movie?

        Ugh, that sounds like a terrible experience. D: That’s a shame about Marvel, especially since you were a fan already. I was a fan back when the first few Avengers and Captain America movies came out (though not at the very beginning), but they degraded in quality and got into territory I didn’t like. That’s what happens with sequels… It’s always nice to hear someone sensible say a movie I decided not to watch wasn’t good anyway, when everyone else is raving about it. Black Panther seems good, but I’m sticking with no Marvel at all right now.

        I’m glad you liked Solo! Harrison Ford is the only Solo, for me. 🙂 My family didn’t think it was a good movie on its own, but I know other people liked it, and I’m glad you did! I do NOT like the newest Star Wars movies, but the oldest ones are fabulous. You might like them – it’s worth a try, at least. But it’s different than growing up with them. 🙂

        Aww, you’re welcome! <3 It's fun to see you posting occasionally, and I always enjoy reading what you write! 😀

      • Mary H.


        Oh, and another thing I forgot! I LOVED the photos!! Especially the 19th century ballgown pics and the ones of when you girls were little! Also, I love that you're good friends with your brothers – so am I with mine. 🙂 But haha, my brothers NEVER suffer dressing up!! They hate it. Much less dressing in a period suit! 😀 (LOL, the younger one is in a high school production of a Broadway musical this year, and he'll have to wear suspenders and things for his costume. But he'll only tolerate some things, and he's particular about what he refuses to endure!)

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